NAIM: ND5 XS network player test review

Noel Keywood (HiFi World) writes:

If you scoured our comprehensive review of Naim’s NDX network music player in the October 2011 issue, then the new ND5 XS will look very familiar. It has much of the functionality of the NDX, but comes at a lower price in an ever more competitive market. Where the NDX we reviewed cost £2,995 the ND5 XS is available for somewhat less – £1925 is being quoted by Naim. Our sample came with an optional VHF/FM plus DAB radio module, that broadened the product’s scope past that of most other network players, but took the price to £2175.

Whilst network players commonly have internet radio, few have VHF/FM. It offers good sound quality, providing a decent aerial is used to suppress hiss. That same aerial must also pick up DAB on the ND5 XS because they share an aerial input socket and this raises issues ……….

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