LINN: Isobaric DMS


i've find a pair of bariks this WE in france (at a very low price !). They sound lovely. I would like to have infos about them. I tried to open them by the bottom face, by after putting off the 9 screws, i can't open it. I juste wonder to see about the filter and so on.

I use a audiolab 8000A, but i m not sure it is strong enough for the bariks. My others amplifiers are with valves, cant drive this speakers. If you can't give me some ideas to do the good things with this LINN, about the filters, tehe amplifiers and perhaps the mods.

thank you.

ps : i usely use old tannoy 12" gold monitor, but the bariks are very competitive. My other old english products are also goodmans axiom80 (great but not easy to use), tannoy dorset, and other good product, phy-hp, jbl le8t, altec 414, ....

cdt. marc.(france)

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