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Since I was a lad I'd heard about these speakers but had never had a set, a lovely pair came up on here at a great price and I did the deed last week. I'm not exactly going to lose anything if it doesn't work out, however I know zilch about them or their needs

So just doing some googling on the hifi forums and here and I'm obviously playing catch up on what's what.

I've seen threads a plenty where lads say they will overpower and overheat a nap 250, I've seen blokes driving them with 135s/250s and 180's or equivilents all at once.
I've read people using 10's of thousands worth of high end stuff on them.

Not set them up properly yet, ie not even on their stands, and for my only play to make sure everything works on them (although I knew the were 100% anyway thanks Ray) I set them up with an ultra modest, ultra cheapie little JVC A X77 power amp which was just handy and in the room close by.

Sound was lovely, layered and bags of power if needed, no clipping banging or farting, all drivers being made to move. Amp did not even get that warm in over the moon so far, especially with the performance they seem to give.

I'm lucky that I've got a lot of quite powerful amps from the "den hoard" which I haven't sold and still have my Naim gear too.

My thoughts are now saying, sell some kit and get 2 x 135s but after the initial performance with the little Jap amp I'm floundering a bit as to where the need for this mega amplification comes from.

I'm going to hook them up to 2 bloody big monoblocks later this week to see how that goes.........would I damage a single big valve amp with these, as they get hot enough already.

I will be staying passive, don't want to get involved in mods or tweeks, just boggo XLRs out to banana which Flashback are making for me today.

Apologies for the seemingly numpty questions but as I say I'm playing catch up with these old beasts and would love to give them a fair shot.

Thanks lads.

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