Buying secondhand speakers – A Rant

Over the years I've bought a number of items secondhand, amps, dacs etc to try them at home. The condition is usually very good to perfect and when I've sold things they've been pretty much immaculate. The only item I've had that wasn't in great nick is one I still NVA A60 amp that arrived with a broken fuse holder I had to glue back into place.

What is it with speakers? I've been looking for months for a sealed speaker to use in a relatively small room of 11.5' x 11' and have seen loads that look like they've been used as a football. Scrapes, gouges and scratches on the cabinets, dinted drivers, broken terminal blocks, marks on the top from what look like a hot cup but are the size of a bucket...all manner of things. What the hell do people do to their loudspeakers to get them like this? I've sold Sara, Kan, SBL, IPL S5, WD25A, AN-K all in pretty good nick and the same condition as when I bought them. Can't people look after speakers, seeming to accept they'll get kicked around a bit?

For example, ebay Keilidh and ebay Katan

I'm tired of reading that the damage can't be seen when you're sitting down and 'marks in line with their age'. It's not like I'm looking for vintage speakers like the JBL L110's I'll be getting back in a few months and which are in pretty good shape for 35 years old. They're ported but I think I'll end up waiting for those.