CROFT: Quad or Croft?

Decision Time. Sspeakers - Harbeth SHL5 Plus - decided. So - after a series of auditions with different sources and pre/power/integrated amplifier combinations with the Harbeth SHL5, I have excluded a few options (all of them excellent in their own right - but NOT for me) - no Devialet, definitely NO Naim, no Pathos.

I am now torn between two different combinations:

1. Quad Elite Pre + Quad QSP - used a Quad Elite CDP as source

2. Croft 25R pre + Croft 7R power - source Rega Saturn-R

To my ear, the second combo sounded more magical though the Quads were pretty impressive as well. I found the Crofts to be special but I am also tempted by the Quad's features - specially tone/tilt control.

Interested in your views/opinions/suggestions please. I am also tempted to use Unico CDE or CD Primo as source with either combination. has anyone used these valve CD players with either the Quads or the Crofts? Is it the Cd player which in reality made the difference between the two combinations I auditioned?

Dip in (and then out) HERE