SME: The SME Model 15 deck – how will their target market react?


The standard Model 10 has been 'saved' and will still be available, at a price rise of 4%. The new three-point suspended deck will be known as the 'Model 15' and will be about £5,400 without arm. Due next April. the original plan had been to scrap the current Model 10, but I think common sense is very popular. I think strong reaction on the forums might have had some effect.

Substantial price rises come on February !st for the rest of the range. The standard 'white print' Series V is just a few quid over £3000. The arms rise by 10% throughout the range. The Series 20 decks go up by about 10%, so the 20/3 is a tad over £7000, without arm. The Model 30 series rise by about 7%.

My assumption is that these price rises are caused, at least in part, by the strength of the Pound; so much of SME's sales is abroad. I assume there will be the usual remarks about ''how much...unbelievable''. But a clear-eyed look at the price of the real competition might suggest otherwise.

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