Dynamic range at a classical concert?

I was at a concert last night where my wife was singing, with piano accompaniment, conducting an accapella choir, and singing in a choir with Organ. I did the nerdy thing and took measurements of some of it using SPLnFFT on my phone. As a matter of interest, at my seat my wife's voice reached 90dB in the loud bit, and was about 62dB singing quietly.
On the full choir and organ the sound ranged from 48dB to 97dB. Interestingly the choir at full blast was louder than the Organ part in this work.

This means that, had I recorded it, the dynamic range would have been 40-odd dB greater than lots of typical recent pop releases but would have been easily cut uncompressed onto either LP or CD. 16 bit dynamic range is more than enough for this sort of music.
Most hifi systems are incapable of playing even at the sound level of unaccompanied trained singers without sounding strained or "loud". The friend I was with was astonished how loud it actually was, compared to what he would have expected. It has been one of the things that has surprised me most when comparing live music with my stereo..

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