Rick Danko: Stage Fright (4CD)

RICK DANKO was a key member and bass guitar player of the legendary group of musicians know as THE BAND.During the eighties, the various members busied themselves with sessions and albums of their own.This 4 disc limited edition set (1000 only) packaged in digi-pack format features a number or live recordings made during the eighties as a solo acoustic performer.

Stage Fright (4CD)

In 1984 he teamed up with ex band member RICHARD MANUEL and legendary Blues artist PAUL BUTTERFIELD for some shows at New York's Lone Star Cafe.Part of that session is also featured on this disc.We have re-mastered these sets which are basically soundboard recordings to achieve the best possible audio experience.

Disc: 1
1. Java Blues
2. Christmas Must Be Tonight
3. My Friend
4. Stage Fright
5. C.C Rider
6. Twlight
7. Oh Baby(Whatcha Gonna Do)
8. Jimmy Crack Corn
9. Long Black Veil
10. Caledonia Mission
11. My Love
12. The Weight
13. Bartender Blues
14. It Makes No Difference
15. Mystery Train
16. That's How I Love You
17. When You Awake
18. When I Get My Regards
19. Sunny Side Of Life
20. Brainwash
21. Blaze Of Glory
22. My Baby Left Me
23. It Makes No Difference
24. Once Upon A Time
25. What A Town
Disc: 2
1. The Shape I'm In
2. CC Rider
3. It Makes No Difference
4. Walking Blues
5. My Baby Left Me
6. You Don't Know Me
7. I'm Just Your Fool
8. Long Black Veil
9. Chest Fever
10. Blaze Of Glory
11. Crazy Mama
12. Across The Great Divide
13. Java Blues
14. Walking By Myself
15. Unfaithful Servant
16. She Knows
Disc: 3
1. Intro
2. C.C Rider
3. My Love
4. Whistle Stop
5. Unfaithful Servant
6. She Knows
7. Honest I Do
8. King Harvest
9. It Makes No Difference
10. Banter
11. Chest Fever
12. Everynight & Everyday
13. Caledonia Mission
14. The Weight
15. Blaze Of Glory
16. Makes No Difference
17. Sick And Tired
18. Honest I Do
19. The Shape I'm In
Disc: 4
1. Book Faded Brown
2. Blind Willie McTell
3. Stage Fright
4. It Makes No Difference
5. Girl Like You
6. Twilight
7. Long Black Veil
8. Ophelia
9. Crazy Mama
10. Walkin Blues
11. The Shape I'm In
12. Wheels On Fire
13. Book Faded Brown

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