QUAD ESL 2812 electrostatic loudspeaker test review

QUAD ESL 2812 electrostatic loudspeaker

Chris Thomas (HiFi+) writes:  After much dropping of hints I was offered the chance to spend a couple of months living with the latest Quad Electrostatic speaker, the 2812. Many years ago I owned three different pairs of the original ESL 57s over a relatively short period of time. I kept buying them, selling them and missing them before repeating the cycle. In those days I was driving them either by Quad or Naim amplification and I have nothing but the warmest memories of my time spent in their company. When it came time to finally move on I did, but often with a fond look over my shoulder at what I had lost. The stream of conventional speakers that followed never offered across the board improvements, although I hardly missed the invisible bass or the irritating beaming of the high frequencies that meant only one person could ever really enjoy their full musical picture. Back then it was the sheer insight through clarity that hooked me.