KEF: Their headphones perfect a portable blend of sound and style

KEF headphones

They say:

Created for lovers of both music and design, three additions to the M Series draw on KEF’s audio heritage to bring first-rate sound to mobile consumers

M Series Headphones, all boasting state-of-the-art acoustic technologies with lightweight and stylishly engineered designs.

The new headphones include the M400 portable on-ear headphones, with a plethora of advanced acoustic features and a sleek, robust design; and the M100 in-ear headphones, designed for portability and comfort – and to deliver a high-level audio experience not normally found with in-ear headphones. In addition, the Award-winning M500s are also being re-launched for 2015 in two stylish new all-white and all-black finishes.

KEF M400

Stockist: Harrods, London

Lightweight, robust and available in a choice of four colour finishes, the M400s are designed for today’s mobile, connected consumer who wants top- quality sonic performance, too. Made from a compact, cast aluminium frame, the M400s use a race-track supra aural ear shell, which follows the contour of the human ear and provides a supremely comfortable fit, as well as a tight acoustic seal for improved noise-isolation.

The M400s use KEF’s ultra-light, full-range 40mm dynamic neodymium driver, including a copper-clad aluminium wire voice coil that’s painstakingly tuned to deliver the natural and musical response for which KEF’s speakers have always been famous. KEF’s trademark sound quality – intricately detailed treble, a fluid, natural midrange and tight, clean bass – have all been successfully instilled into the performance of the M400s.

Their robust metal frame provides an optimal clamping force, ensuring the M400s feel comfortable on your head for even long listening sessions, while a ball-joint ensures each earcup will conform smoothly to the angle of the user’s head and maintain a perfect fit, as well as the tight acoustic seal you need for the best possible sound.

The M400s’ smooth, contemporary lines ensure they look elegant and fashionable with a very wide range of contemporary style trends, while for maximum convenience their precision-machined aluminium frame is neatly hinged to fold elegantly away when not in use.

The new KEF headphones offer class-leading ergonomics, with breathable ear-pads and high-density memory foam covered in a soft, hard-wearing protein leather. Due to the memory foam, the ear-pads assume the shape of the user’s ear, to form an effective acoustic seal that helps to prevent leakage.

KEF 100

Stockist: Harrods, London

A masterpiece in miniature of KEF’s famously innovative acoustic engineering, the M100 Earphones’ race-track casing is precision-machined from solid aluminium, with diamond-cut, chamfered edges. The internal components are exhaustively tested to ensure consistently high performance and complete reliability.

Each earpiece in the M100s contains a full-range, high-performance 10mm neodymium driver designed to deliver excellent dynamics, a spacious and detailed midrange, well-defined treble and a deep, punchy bass performance. The sound passes a carefully-tuned driver baffle before passing through a unique, angled acoustic chamber whose size, shape and thickness, along with those of the meticulously-designed nozzle, are engineered to ensure a well-balanced sound.

Distortion is minimised by an integral low-resonance suspension ring of high density foam, which acts as an acoustic damper to control the airflow behind the driver and reduce second harmonic resonance and distortion.

The M100s are ecologically responsible headphones, too, using an environment-friendly adhesive – an industry-first use of a non-benzene (non-

toxic) production process – in the 10mm driver. The M100s also comply with the CENELEC standard for protection against excessive sound pressure, so you can listen for as long as you want, safe in the knowledge that you will not be damaging your ears.

The M100s come with ultra-thin silicon ear-tips (with three sizes for you to choose from), with a shell that’s optimally angled to guarantee a snug, comfortable fit without compromising acoustic performance.

KEF M500 – Award-winning headphones now in new all-black and all-white finishes

Stockist: Harrods, London

As well as launching the M100 earphones, KEF has announced the launch of two brand new finishes for the world-renowned M500 on-ear headphones.

The M500s were the winners of the reddot Design Award 2013, the Good Design Award 2013 and the iF Product Design Award 2014. They were also on the six-product shortlist for the coveted T3 Magazine – Headphones of the Year Award. The M500s have also received a large number of five- star reviews from the world’s tech and lifestyle media.

The new finishes share with the original M500 its full-range neodymium drivers; elegant and precision-engineered aluminium frame; breathable, sweat-resistant memory foam earpads; and a stunningly detailed and musical performance.

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