KEF: The T Series test review

It's been a long time since I've listened to anything but virtual surround sound via a soundbar speaker at home...and even longer since I've owned a dedicated audio receiver and a set of speakers. For both budget and space consideration, I migrated to a compact and neighbor-friendly soundbar years back when my square footage went from large home down down to apartment life. But even though a soundbar does a solid job of improving upon built-in display speakers, I knew I was missing out on the benefits of a home theater setup: clearer dialogue, richer and more dynamic detail for both film and music, a wider sound field...

So when speciality audio manufacturer, KEF, contacted me about demoing their super slim T Series range of cinema speakers, I knew I had to jump back onto the home audio bandwagon out of curiosity to see if thin is truly in, with the possibility of returning to a receiver+speaker setup.