J.S. BACH: Four Concertos for Harpsichords and Orch. = Fritz Neumeyer/Lily Berger/Konrad Burr/ Ilse Urbuteit/Ch. Orch. of the Saar/Karl Ristenpart – HDTT

Orinally published in 2013

Transferred from a 1965 Nonesuch LP, having been recorded by Club Francais du Disque, this happy collation of multiple-klavier concertos by Bach reminded me of my old LP days, when the Nonesuch label offered such appetizers as “Music for the King’s Supper” and other musical repasts. Upgraded acoustically using the Lynx AES16 from the analog originals, the sound brings us a panorama of Bach’s essentially antiphonal approach to concerto writing, the paired or collective instruments’ serving as a continuo to the orchestral tuttis, the ripieno. The C Minor Concerto for Two Klaviers will.........


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