2 thoughts on “GALE: 401a speakers + Subjective Audio in 1976

  1. Hi, if this is Howard, I hope all is well with you? A photo of one of my Gale speaker boxes has mysteriously appeared on this website (presumably courtesy of Dave Smith) who I visited today. It was 1978 not 76. You sold me the best system I ever had…Linn LP12, Hadcock 228, Ortofon MC20, Lecson AP3 mk11, Meridian M101 and Gale GS 401As. I’ve recently sold the AP3 which burnt out and I couldn’t get it repaired and my daughter broke the cantilever on the MC 20 around 21 years ago (I’ve still got the body!). The Hadcock got swapped for something which is not as good. You were (are) an inspiration…..Dave is refurbishing the Gales which I got out of a cupboard as something to sell in a bit of a clear-out, but hooked them up to my XTC pre/pow, Linn etc (instead of my Celestion A 3s) before doing so, and realised how much I’d missed that Gale sound. I understand you’ve moved to Burgess Hill, I struggle up there every year in a Veteran Car in November!! Maybe we can say hello again. Best wishes Tim

    1. Hello Tim. Yes, it’s me. Older but, it seems, less wiser. How so you may ask? Well, I returned to the industry following a lucrative career as head of innovation in a business-to-business software company I co-founded. On paper, returning was a dumb move but … the ‘magnetism’ pulled me back. Yes, I remember you and the system and happily too. I sold my Gales (silly, silly boy) and the Meridian 107 that drove them. I ended up with Meridian M1 actives which a few years back I donated to my ex wife. I still have my Lecson AP3 Mk2, AC1 and FM1. Anyway, serendipity strikes. You visit burgess Hill and so why don’t we ‘do lunch’? I’d like that. Thank you for considering me an inspiration. I get a few of these very welcome observations each year. I’m flattered, appreciative and moved. Best regards – Howard

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