Blast from the past: November 2003 Enjoy the Von Schweikert Audio VR-1 Reference Studio Monitors Mighty Minis Review by Wayne Donnelly

I first encountered the VR-1, along with the floorstanding VR-2 and the VR-S/1 compact subwoofer, at the 2003 CES. They comprise the entry-level offerings from VSA, and they exemplify the company's new approach to marketing high-value loudspeakers in the very competitive $1,000 to $3,000 price range.  These speakers are manufactured in China to Albert Von Schweikert�s design specifications, including custom-designed transducers.  Gone are the brown cloth-wrapped cabinets (for which I shed no tears).  In their place are well built enclosures, smoothly finished in your choice of four wood veneers: dark cherry (the color of my review samples), black ash, maple and dramatic-looking African Hazelwood.