STIRLING: Suggested amplifier to drive their LS3/5a

Hi, I have the Stirling MS-88 (LS3/5a). This is the other version they do, less well known than the V2. Been trying different amps to drive them, heres a few impressions. Feel free to add impressions of any amps you've had great success with be they valve or transistor.

Creek 4040 35w- Surprisingly good. Drives them 'loud' from a low volume. You forget they are mini monitors. These things are capable of a higher sq than the originals I think. A bargain considering you can pick them up for £30-£50

Puresound A10 10w- Very nice.Clean and clear well its an el84! Underpowered obviously, but fine if you want low volume finesse.

Armstrong 626 40w- Really like. Classical music is like listening to a mini version of the orchestra. Drums also sound more realistic and 'together' than any other amplifier I've tried.

Quad 303 45w- Haven't tried but reckon this could be excellent. on the audition list.

Rega brio 3 49w - not entirely sold. Pacey for sure but think have grown accustomed to the valve sound and already like the Creek.

NVA AP30-30w Vocal music definately the best of all the amps I've tried Smooth clean and clear. However not a 'driving' sound. Prefer the Creek and 626 on orchestral music.

So my impression so far is that these monitors can be driven well by vintage and relatively cheap amplifiers.

Would be interested in impressions if anyone has driven these speakers with any of the following..

Puresound A30

Dip in and out HERE