Martin Chilton, The Daily Telegraph's Digital Culture Editor writes .....
Alison Krauss has won more Grammy awards than any woman in history (26) and is third in the all-time winner's list. Her voice is ridiculously good but the one thing she doesn't worry about is songwriting. In an interview before the release of her excellent new album Paper Airplane - in which she covers the Richard Thompson masterpiece Dimming Of The Day, I wondered if she had ever wanted to emulate Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton and write her own material too.
Krauss, who was visiting London, said: "It's not that I have resisted songwriting, it's just not something I felt I have had to do. I've just not woken up and thought, I must do this. But I have often heard music that I have instantly felt 'I have to sing that song'." One such song being English singer-songwriter Thompson's Dimming Of The Day.
Krauss said: "I've never met Richard Thompson but I heard the song from T-Bone Burnett when we were working on the second version of Raising Sand (Burnett had produced her first Grammy-winning collaboration with Robert Plant and they have experimented with a follow-up).
When I heard the song, I thought 'Oh, I can't take that on. Oh, I can't. But T-Bone said 'give it a shot'. We moved on to another project but I kept thinking about the song and how I could make it OK. Then I thought, well nobody has done a bluegrass version so we tried making it more sparse."