A glimpse into the dark side of hi-fi forums / fora #01

Guest contributor Michael Vronsky writes:

This is the first of an occasional series shining a light on some of the more unpalatable facets of some (predominantly, but not exclusively) UK-based hi-fi forums / fora. Both covert and overt homophobia, obscene language, anti-semitism ridicule of opinions, bullying, fanatical brand-loyalty, brand denigration and ridicule and more. Fortunately this is atypical rather than typical but nevertheless it has gone on for years and, unchecked, may well continue to do so.

Each extract will - as you can see below - be occasionally and sympathetically redacted so as to protect those brave souls from bullying who as members choose to use their own names rather than hide behind the anonymity of a pseudonym. I don’t identify the fora because if you feel so inclined, you can sniff them out.

Meanwhile, as to fora moderation – or the lack of it – only you can draw conclusions.

I anticipate that the offending post will be deleted and the extracts subsequently disputed and so I made a few screen shots as evidence.



This recently appeared online:

Title: Flat Earth War Criminal 'No-One' Defeated By redacted Operation

Things have gone a little, erm, flat at redacted. Time for a prod. They did say they wanted to play, after all... πŸ˜‰


The notorious Flat-Earth Nazi 'You're No-one Without A Sub-Chassis' was soundly defeated after being lured into the open on a thread created by the redacted Secret Service agent known as 'The Bitch'. 'No-one', as his friends call him, is one of the highest ranking flat earthers still posting today and likes to be addressed as Herr Dealer-Fuhrer.

The Bitch had cunningly declared it would be a jolly good wheeze to fire their toy catapults 'elsewhere on the web'. However, within just a few days the thread had been ruthlessly censored, locked and then deleted due to the intolerable appearance of truth, reality and humour. Their chum, il Duce, then turned up briefly with treacle sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer, in an attempt to dissuade 'Every-one' from playing with the 'naughty children' but could not save 'No-one' from meeting a bulbous sticky end...fnarr, fnarr.

Following this public cuckolding, 'No-one' has changed his name to 'You're No-one Without An redacted' in an effort to disguise himself among the more enlightened members of Hifi Forum Land...and can be heard each night, over the plinky plonks of Dire Straits greatest hits album, pleading that "I always liked redacted, I always wanted to stock redacted, it was the mafia that stopped me, I WAS ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS!!!" Inevitably, though, his time is bandwidth-limited and 'No-one' will now be held permanently at AudioFart, a place where 'No-one' ever goes. "He will be sadly missed"...said 'No-one'...ever.

No-one was once rumoured to have fled to Paraguay via The Vatican in Rome, travelling along the shallow North East Italian river 'RubiKon'...but he never actually left the gents toilets in Salisbury high street. Although the RubiKon theory has since been proven to be a load of bouncing bolloKKs, it is now widely accepted that 'The Pope' is a hardline 'flat earther' and often prostrates himself, spread-eagled over a turntable set-up jig prior to addressing the crowds in St Marco of AOS Square, hence his nickname 'redacted'

Many Flat-Earth hunters believe that redacted is not the only senior figure to have evaded justice for too long. Some have even put forward conspiracy theories which suggest that Julian Veruca's death was faked and believe he escaped to Argentina in a LInn-made submarine named KursK (later infamous for being lost in the Barent (sic) sea with the entire remaining stocks of genuine LP12 spring and grommet kits on-board).

To be continued no doubt.