A POINT OF VIEW: Seriously folks, just how good is FM Radio as a Hi Fi Source?


I listen to a lot of radio and particularly relish any live performances on Radio 3 or Radio 2. I have recently had some work done on redirecting my FM aerial(to Holme Moss) and had a DAB aerial fitted for a UnitiQute located in a kitchen living room. The Uniti also has internet radio .

While I have no major criticisms of DAB and internet radio can be very impressive, I still gravitate to listening on FM-maybe its just being used to the sound it produces though it seems to me less veiled and more open than the digital offerings. I also note on Radio 3 hi definition I have to crank up the volume to get a reasonable listening level not sure if this is quirk of the BBC or not.

I am using an Audiolab 8000T in my main system and the as already stated I have the little Naim box which is very good-though again I think the FM offering on it is certainly superior to the DAB and I do listen to the internet stations and find sound quality good and of course there is access to such a variety of content.

Any thoughts? Anyone got any particularly good internet stations that they would recommend for content? How long has FM got left-be a shame if it were switched off!

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