NEWS: The all new PS Audio Sprout100

We read:

Here at PS Audio we’re head-over-heels IN LOVE with Sprout100. And it can be nice to hear what PS Audio thinks. But let’s face it, with all that love to give, we’re a little star-struck. Perhaps even a little biased.

Want to hear what the audiophile community is saying? How about some real-time tid-bits from Industry Leader Steve Guttenberg of CNET? Karl Sigman of Audiophiliagave us their Star Components Award. Got time for more? How about a LONG review from Jay Luong of Audio Bacon replete with product-photos and their award for Best in Class? Wondering about the new Z-Feedback Headphone Amplifier? Check out Gary Alan Barker’s stunning review from Headphone Guru.

Here are the latest reviews:

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