Cable test from a sceptics point of view

 Leading on from Stuart's (opusover21) thread in the DIY section about cable differences (although the thread was more about internal wiring), I have decided to trial 3 very different interconnects. Cards on the table, I am a cable sceptic. I have done trials before, mainly between similar styles of cable at different ends of the price spectrum (£5.00 to £500), and detected no differences. So, I have 2 DIY wires. A 3 core, plaited, multi-strand, high purity silver plated copper, 20AWG, which uses 2 strands for the signal and 1 for return. Also, a pair of silver screen cables, which are dual screened (dual mylar wrap, and silver foil screen), with PTFE dielectric and a solid silver, 20AWG conductor. I also have, in the interest of fairness a pair of Hitachi I/C's which were highly acclaimed by Jerry (of this parish). The 2 DIY cables have the same phono plugs (Maplin's Shark), which are excellent for the money. On another note, the Hitachi's are quite a bit longer than the DIY wires.