CREEK: Evolution 100A integrated amplifier test review

Herb Reichert writes:

As an audio scribe, the fiercest demons I wrestle are beliefs—yours and mine; those of my friends, my editors, my fellow reviewers; and those of the engineers and promoters of the products I write about. Sometimes the force of these rabidly held and (mostly) conflicting beliefs paralyzes me with self-doubt: What do I know? What makes me qualified to listen and judge?At the start of every review, the white noise of these diverse creeds fills my head and prevents me from listening in a relaxed and open state of mind. If the product performs amiably right out of the box, I eventually settle down, stop worrying what others might think, and enjoy myself. But my own audio beliefs—my checklists of musical and audio needs—never go away. I don't think they should.

Most audiophiles believe that reviewers can remove their ideological lenses as easily as doffing a pair of 3D glasses—and then, on their readers' behalf, perceive a product's sound as it actually is. That is not possible, nor is it desirable. We all need to remain submerged in the ......

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