Simon Pressy – The Art of Audio Design

Crytek writes: Audio is a key component of game design, providing unique technical and creative aspects for a non-linear medium. It is used in videogames to enhance environments, dramatize script and scenes, create a sense of realism, immerse the player into the game, and much more. Games like Far Cry, Crysis, and Ryse: Son of Rome would not be the gaming experiences they are without sound, so audio teams are highly important in creating a sonic identity for Crytek games.

Audio and sound design is an art as much as any other discipline. Industry expert Simon Pressey, who recently joined Crytek as Director of Audio, explains the importance of making a videogame a sonic experience as much as a visual one. “The development of the sound of a game, it’s like creating a world. Sound design is a highly creative field: a large portion of sound has to be created from scratch. A lot of that creation is combining existing sounds into a new one that’s more suitable. For example, a shield bashing sound can be created by combining sounds of roaring cougars. Audio is also about perspective, subtlety, and perception: it doesn’t matter where the sounds eventually come from, as long as they sell the experience.”

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