HARBETH: Varying opinions

A friend of mine ran into trouble with his speakers. They are large active Acon affairs. He is now thinking of replacing them with Harbeth speakers, as a local dealer ceases trading them and has some great ex-dem offers.

His living room is narrow and long (4 by 12 m approx) and placing is difficult. Not very far from corners, not against the walls nor far into the room. He uses an audionet preamp and Teac UDH-501 Dac to drive the Acons now.

The question he asked me if Harbeth would be any good for him, as his actual speakers are way to big for his room. He listens exclusively to pop and rock and prefers a somewat darker sound with heavy bass.

Are there any models for him to consider (and ask for a home dem)? he listened to several models at the dealers, but really didn't know what model if any to go for.


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