SPENDOR: S100 loudspeaker – test review

 Spendor S100

 Sam Tellig writes .....

The Spendor S100 is one of the finest products I have ever reviewed. Is it the best speaker I have ever heard? Well, it ain't perfect, but what speaker is? I can't think of another speaker that's so safe to recommend. I'm confident this speaker will work out for you as well as it has for me, and without an undue amount of hassle with trick cables and the like. Spendors very definitely do not need to be tamed.

When I think of all the truly horrendous speakers available for the same price as the S100s—or even more money—I have to wonder, people. The power of public relations and advertising hype, perhaps. More likely, though, most people actually prefer bad sound. How else to explain the success of some of the best-known speaker names in audio?


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