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Hi-fi firms have begun in garages. The English Spendor company was started in a bathtub. Or was it a kitchen sink?

By days in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Spencer Hughes worked as part of the BBC's loudspeaker research team. Among other accomplishments, he helped develop the 5" midrange/woofer for the fabled LS3/5A loudspeaker.

As speaker designers from Henry Kloss to Sonus Faber's Franco Serblin have told me, designing a successful 5" driver is "a doddle" (British for easy) compared to creating an 8" or larger cone. "It becomes harder to maintain clarity, focus, speed, and midrange accuracy," the late Sr. Serblin told me over a latte.

Hughes, apparently, thought the same. At home he struggled long and hard to develop an 8" mid/woofer cone of Bextrene, a mix of acetate and cellulose (footnote 1). Misshapen cones piled up in his garage, until he got the cone's consistency just right.

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