PS Audio BHK Signature 300 Mono Amplifiers test review

Patrick Dillon writes:

If you have followed the audiophile press over the last couple of years, you have no doubt read a fair bit about PS Audio and their new product releases. While most of the attention has been on their award-winning digital players and DACs, the company that seemingly never sleeps has also launched a new line of power amplifiers, bringing back a product category PS Audio had not been actively manufacturing for some time. While chief Paul McGowan had provided hints about the emergence of these amps on the PS Audio online owners’ forum, the final product surprised more than a few people: the company known for its cutting edge digital and Gain Cell designs decided to incorporate a tube circuit in the new high power amps. Wasn’t this the same man who once said he’d never have a tube in any of his products?

The story of how PS Audio’s BHK series of amplifier came into being is now well-documented elsewhere (see a video history of the design at In short, after .....

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