High End Stockholm 2018 Rooms that I remember. to be remembered. Best of the best.

What makes something a highlight at a HiFi Show?

Sonus Faber Serafino together with Audio Research electronics, would that qualify as a highlight? Martin Logan & Anthem? KEF Blade & Elektrokompaniet? Totem & Gato? Vienna Acoustics & AVM? Q Acoustics (Concept 500) & Musical Fidelity? All these and many other first-class systems made their best at the Stockholm Highend 2018 in February.

And certainly: they could all be highlights. But it’s not highlights I’m keen on reporting this time but rather “something extra” that drew my attention, and made me think. Such as Aido Audio’s (from Sweden) Deep Space 1 loudspeaker and its architectural design, and style directly from the 1970’s.

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Many preowned classic examples for sale HERE

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