Byard Lancaster: From A Love Supreme to The Sex Machine – by Clifford Allen.

"From A Love Supreme to The Sex Machine" is reedman Byard Lancaster's personal aesthetic mantra, something that recalls the theme of the Charles Moffett tune "Avant-garde Got Soul Too."

Free jazz and creative improvisation historically have not often been viewed as the music of the people, but the idea behind the term 'avant-garde' is that it is a paving of the way by a few forces for a large wave of cultural and aesthetic change to come sweeping along behind them. It is unfortunate that broad change doesn't always happen as completely as one might hope, but as certain catalyzing forces line up, one can smell movement in the air.

Byard Lancaster was born on August 6th, 1942 in Philadelphia. Lancaster's family is from the South; his mother was born near Gloucester, Virg. and "[her] particular family is registered as having started the first slave uprising in 1743, on September 13th. My father was a very good businessman and brought her to Philadelphia."

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