HARBETH: Easier to drive; specifically Harbeth v Vandersteen?


The thread starts:

I'm in an NY apartment, I have Vandersteen 2CE speakers driven with a YBA Integre with 50W. I know the Vandersteen's are fairly easy to drive and you can use tubes including Music Reference RM-10 at 35W. I listen to jazz, female vocalist stuff.  Now you have the Harbeth Compact 7, which I've been interested in, fits apartment living better. They have the same efficiency as my Vandersteens. Are they better with lower powered amps. I always here how you should have 100W SS amps for my Vandersteens for them to come alive but the Harbeth's do quite well with an LFD integrated, what gives?

Please contact me HERE for details on where Vandersteen can be auditioned in the UK.

Thank you. Neil McCauley / Editor in chief


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