SPENDOR: 9-1 Floorstanding Speakers – test review

I'm an happy owner of this speaker and i nevere change them till they die. This are really one af the best speaker I have ever heard. For me the right word is trasparence: they are an open window on music. Too many speaker have an emphatized mid-treble to create a faked sensetion of detail. This not; they are for me the really utlimate monitor. I use them with custom made valve amp (push pull 35 W) and preamp, and I have so much air on my stage that i can Breath!  The rest of my chain is Technics SL-P2000 cd player (another outstanding machine for the price) and Technics SL-1200 MKII with Ortofon MC 10 and custom superpermalloy step-up trasformer.  Signal: Distech silver plus cable  Power: Be-wired with Straight Wire Music Ribbon on Bass and Custom Cable on mid hihg