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The above image of the mighty 2800 equaliser comes from HiFiEngine

They say:

Open discussion on Audio Equipment in general but primarily focused on equipment manufactured by SAE (Scientific Audio Electronics) and later family related manufacturers such as GAS (Great American Sound), Sumo, ATI (Amplifier Technology Incorporated), and Spread Spectrum Technologies (SST).

SAE was the starting point were all these companies were all about pursuit of high end state of the art design without high end cost. The two key people that made that happen are Morris Kessler and James Bongiorno.

Except for ATI, the common key person in the rest of the family tree is James Bongiorno who was involved in the electronics design primarily focused on the power amplifiers. After Sumo, James was out of the audio game for awhile but latter surfaced with his newest company, SST about 2003. A full product line of amplifiers has been designed and limited production started. However with James sudden passing away in 2013, it is uncertain about the future of his last company, SST and his state of the art amps.

Morris, like James got out of the audio business selling SAE in 1988. However he got back into the audio amp industry in 90's. Morris has not been standing still for he too has evolved the amplifier design independently of James and formed ATI which has solid industry reputation and a major OEM manufacture to many other name brand audio companies. He also offers amplifiers for sale under the ATI brand name. If one wanted to buy a modern version of a SAE amplifier today, it would be ATI.

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