Blues music: notable interviews – Matt Schofield

Blues Matters magazine writes: 

Matt Schofield has been on the UK blues scene since about 2002, in the last few years he has increased his fan base by touring extensively abroad. He is well respected especially in the USA by many guitarists, he is definitely a guitarists guitarist.

His eagerly awaited new album “Far As I Can See” is released on 17th February 2014, it’s his 8th album. Matt is one of the most influential Blues Guitarists always pushing the boundaries in keeping with the British Blues tradition. I am sure you will agree when you listen to this album.

It’s always a pleasure to meet, talk and hear Matt’s wonderful playing.

BM: At what age did you first start to play guitar?

MS: I had a guitar around from the age of probably 8 or 9, but didn’t .........

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