LFD AUDIO: Q/A with Dr. Bews – development speakers

Dr. Bews. What speakers do you use during development?

I use a pair of modified Celestion SL600 loudspeakers, rewired and the crossovers outside the box.

These modifications helped immensely, to relieve the rather laid back, and slightly congested sound. Really I don’t think the absolute quality of the loudspeakers is that important when developing our products, since the important characteristics of the system prior to the loudspeakers are obvious with any decent loudspeakers – even £100 loudspeakers.

However, it’s really nice then to use an excellent pair of loudspeakers like Burton-Somervell to get that little bit closer to life-like sound.

Do you offer those modifications to SL600 owners?


But you advocate putting the SL600 crossovers outside the box, right?

Yes, absolutely, and re-wiring too. That way, a lot more of the potential of that pioneering design, the great ingredients, becomes apparent.

Dr. Richard Bews

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