ISOL-8: Substation LC and HC Power Conditioners test review


ISOL-8 is one of the country’s foremost power conditioning experts. The SubStation Vogue tested last year was one of the best power conditioners we had heard, but the LC and HC raise the game still further. The two – that notionally replace the Vogue – takes the basic concept, sprinkles in some DC blocking and makes it modular. In the process, it makes the SubStation LC and HC two of the must own audiophile devices for 2011.The two devices look similar, especially from the front, but perform very different functions and are built from the ground up unalike. As the names suggest, the LC (or ‘low current’) is destined for relatively low-demand sources, such as CD players, preamps and integrated amps. It has four IP54-grade protected 13A sockets – good for keeping dust and prying little fingers at bay – and a Neutrik power socket for input. It starts with a DC-blocking circuit (used elsewhere in the ISOL-8 range in the PowerLine Axis). Essentially, this corrects the commonly unmatched peak AC voltages creating a DC component on the mains, caused by the power supplies of other devices behaving inappropriately with the mains. The Axis circuit

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