Audiophilia and the Deaf.

Hi, I should perhaps have started this thread before embarking on the pursuit of audio excellence, but I often get things the wrong way round !!  Around 10 years ago I began to notice that everyone who spoke to me was tending to speak quieter and quieter and around 4 years ago an Audiologist confirmed that I had a typical case of Industry Related Hearing Loss (loss of top and bottom end of the audible spectrum). It is not yet bad but the loss is definitely there, both facts confirmed in the last month by another Audiologist.

I have had a digital hearing aid available for the last 4 years but haven't needed to use it much and the most recent examination confirmed that the rate of deterioration was very slow. However, when listening to my recently acquired Mezzo 2 speakers, the use of the one hearing aid certainly improved what I was hearing, hence the decision to get both ears tested again. The Audiologist encouraged me to use a hearing aid in each ear and, for the purposes of listening to music, I was happy to agree - the second one is to be fitted next week.

I have also suffered from Tinnitus for as long as I can remember - this takes the form of a permanent, low volume ringing in both ears which appears to be just under the upper frquency limit, so not loud and only just audible, and easily ignorable in the presence of other sounds.


Also .....

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