CELESTION: HF2000 and the wanton destruction of literally thousands of pairs of Celestion Ditton 66/44/25

Dave Smith writes: Much of this problem comes from all the so called ebay vintage HiFi 'experts' who are asking ridiculous amounts for things like the Celestion HF2000 tweeter. I purchased one last week for £30 outside of ebay yet when listed on ebay they're  asking stupid amounts for them.

The HF2000 tweeter is a temperamental little unit and easily destroyed when overdriven and with the Gale's reputation for being power-hungry people tend to use them with huge amplifiers and scant regard for the poor little tweeter. The fuse was put in line originally for a good reason! The experimental bi-wired Gales (absolutely not for sale) I use in the workshop have 150 watt rated Scanspeak units.

Over the last few years the HF2000 has become responsible for the break up/wrecking of literally thousands of pairs of Celestion Ditton 66/44/25 loudspeakers purely to sell off the tweeter for anything up to £150 a pair sometimes more.

The Gale version has x3 mounting holes in its circular housing and is the 4ohm version most of the Celestion versions had no mounting holes and used clamps for fixing. Many of you will be aware that is was also used by many other loudspeaker manufacturers from the 70's.