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John Atkinson writes: "Why does John Atkinson devote so much of his time to loudspeakers selling for under a [sic] $1000?" wrote a correspondent to The Audiophile Network bulletin board in August, there being a clear implication in this question that "more expensive" always equates with "better" when it comes to loudspeakers. While it is true that the best-sounding, most neutral loudspeakers possessing the most extended low-frequency responses are always expensive, in my experience this most definitely does not mean that there is an automatic correlation between price and performance. I have heard many, many expensive loudspeakers whose higher prices merely buy grosser sets of tonal aberrations. For those on modest budgets, provided they have good turntables or CD players, a good pair of under-$1000 loudspeakers, coupled with good amplification, will always give a more musical sound than twice-the-price speakers driven by indifferent amplification and a compromised front end.

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Having spent time in recent issues with relatively expensive speakers, ranging from the $1195/pair Vandersteen 2Ci to the $4000/pair Pioneer TZ-9, with stops along the way at the $1999/pair Celestion SL600Si and the $2500/pair MartinLogan Sequel II, I thought it appropriate that I should return to my Cheapskate roots by looking at a small, insensitive, sealed-box design featuring limited low-frequency extension that, while epitomizing the adjective "cheap," does have a high-end pedigree.

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