KOETSU: Best arm for a Koetsu Rosewood ?

Having sold many kosher ones from Ricardo and avoiding the clever copies, I used mine on a Gyro with a Breuer 8-Dynamic arm for many years. That arm was hard to obtain and so I had to find alternatives for my customers.

They and I achieved excellent results via:

  • Syrinx PU2
  • Syrinx PU3
  • Sumiko MDC-800 'The Arm'
  • Ittok Mk1

At that time I sold lots of Micro Seiki arms (can't remember which ones) and Fidelity Research FR64S and FR64FX. These gave unremarkable results in this specific situation.

Towards the end of the period I achieved very acceptable results with the then new SME/4 but oddly, inferior results via the then SME/5

I never tried this Koetsu wth a un-ipivot. It gave excellent results via the Air Tangent although a bit bass-shy compared to the same cartridge in the Breuer. The various STAX arms, both aluminium and carbon fiber were unusucessful with that cartridge. Hope this helps




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