The best 30 hi-fi speakers of What Hi-Fi?’s lifetime

What Hi-Fi tell us:

Along with amplifiers, record players and TVs, one of the products most closely associated with What Hi-Fi? is stereo speakers.

The idea behind them hasn't changed and is relatively simple – an enclosure, sometimes small, sometimes big, capable of taking a signal fed to it from an amplifier and shooting it out as sound. Ideally with great skill and style.

Most speakers are still wooden boxes, but technology has allowed some manufacturers to sculpt a speaker out of carbon fibre or aluminium. And while they haven't changed much in appearance, inside they've been refined into engineering feats of wonder - technology seems able to constantly find new and better ways of making music sound great.

This lengthy list is a celebration of the speakers that have a special place in our hearts – and yours too, hopefully – as we flick through What Hi-Fi?'s past for the best 30 pairs of speakers to be lifted, wheeled and even crated in to our test rooms.

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