Spendor Classic 200 Retro-styled floorstanders with plenty of charm and ability. Tested at £16,000

What Hi-Fi? tell us:

Few products that pass through our doors are as overtly retro as Spendor’s Classic 200s.

They are the new top dogs in the company’s Classic series, a range of traditional boxes that celebrate the company’s heritage and are based around the engineering ideas developed by the BBC back in the 1960s.

That doesn’t seem like a great start for a £16,000 pair of floorstanders that have to stand toe-to-toe with products from giants such as B&W and Focal - companies that specialise in pushing the technology boundaries.

It may seem a bit like bringing a stick to a gunfight but, as is far from unusual in hi-fi, things don’t turn out to be quite that simple.

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