fineTONE … an audio odyssey aka Audiophilia Nervosa

Y.C writes: "Audiophilia Nervosa" is a terminology used on audiophiles who constantly upgrade their gears and it would indeed be a sin if our relentless pursuit is in hifi gears rather than music!

I set up my first serious hifi system in 1992 that has seen countless upgrades since (prior to that, I only had stereo receiver and self-assembled loudspeakers). Twenty years down the road, my system should have matured and I should also have mustered enough experiences to mock audiophilia nervosa friends with the "... been there, done that" phrase but fact is I am equally guilty of committing the very same sin myself - an aspect that I am not proud of. As audiophiles, we tend to justify our actions; this blog posting is on some recent updates to my system and my justifications in performing them.

After owning a Linn LP12 turntable, I sought to own a Naim amplifier next and voice my system closer to a 'flat-earth' system with greater emphasis on timing. I fulfilled this aspiration by acquiring a Nait XS - an integrated amp instead of pre/power models as I favour minimal box count, lesser cables and I have modest means. The danger of owning Naim amps is the ensuing addition of matching source components and/or external power supplies to adhere to Naim's design philosophy. Then there are upgrades to higher-up models. I shall strive hard to steer clear of such path but I digress.


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