COLIN WONFOR: Does polarity matter in resistors?

Colin Wonfor

Mr. Wonfor; hello. Is there a negative end and a positive end to a coloured resistor? Does polarity matter and if so, can you help with some rules of thumb for polarity please?

I do hope you mean colour coded resistor as the charcoal black burnt messes never work too well. On bog-standard film good quality resistors the direction of current flow should never make any changes to the current flow AC or DC. But for some wire wound, the construction if not Bi-Filar can induce current flow in other components near by although this is very slight and is not worth bothering with.

But some component like Polystyrene capacitors, these are directional in the sense the outermost foil of the capacitor is terminated at one end and is marked with a colour change in the coating. This terminal should be at the lowest impedance end of your signal or it the cap is earth terminated then to earth or 0V's. This will reduced external signal from modulating the signal on the cap.