Comments invited: Running a preamp off a 12V car batter + inverter?

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Howard Popeck / Features Editor


Recently we read about a chap who occasionally gets mains noise through his system - crackle or pop or momentary hum at exact same time as washing machine motor goes on, or central heating boiler switches on, or sometimes when fridge motor starts. It’s not a major problem so he hasn't really bothered about it before.

Anyway, through a process of elimination and swapping in/out of different components, it seems to be his preamp that’s letting the noise in. This set us thinking; could his preamp (or any of ours if we had a similar problem) be totally isolated from the mains by running the preamp off a 240V inverter running off a 12V car battery?

On paper it seems a, if not the logical solution. Do any of you have thoughts as to whether it would be a good or bad idea?

Personally we’d use a PS Audio mains regenerator but we acknowledge that such an option isn’t open to everyone. Moreover he could have changed his preamp. So, food for thought?

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