What is so called ‘Classic’ Hi-Fi and does any deserve the title?

So, we are now in an age where many Hi-Fi components are described as 'Classic' items. What is this term supposed to mean? I don't really like it as it often seems to be applied to second (or third) rate stuff thats just basically old and knackered. I think I can grasp it in relation to some more worthy examples of older equipment that have undoubtedly earned respect.

Personally I'd cite Lowther amplifiers, but not their speakers as I can't live with them, just about any compression driver tweeter (pepperpot) Tannoy speaker, the original Sugden A21 amp, Leak and Quad valve amplifiers, Quad ESLs, Garrard 401/301, SME arms (even modern ones), Rogers BBC Monitors (even sweeter than Spendors), Some Radford gear, many earlier Luxman and Harman Kardon items, in fact quite a bit of American stuff and probably much more from around the world. Should we have a serious checklist and maybe exclude the real tat? Any views? Geoff.

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