GUITAR SLIM GREEN: Stone Down Blues (CD)

Stone Down Blues (CD)

Guitar Slim Green is a bluesman who made just a handful of 45s for West Coast-based labels between the late 40s and 1970. His final recordings were with Johnny Otis, resulting in this perfectly formed album Stone Down Blues, which features a young Shuggie Otis on guitar. Released on Kent it is one of the hardest to find recordings on that label. This is its first ever reissue. The CD includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded around the same time for Johnny Otis.

1. Shake Em Up
2. Bumble Bee Blues
3. Make Love All Night
4. My Little Angel
5. 5th Street Alley Blues
6. Old Folks Blues
7. This War Ain't Right
8. You Make Me Feel So Good
9. Big Fine Thing
10. Play On Little Girl
11. My Marie
12. Rock The Nation

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