VANDERSTEEN: Quatro Wood Loudspeakers – test review

vandersteen quatro woods

Dave Clark (Positive Feedback) writes: 

Never thought I would say this, and damn never thought I would hear this, but for the affordable price of $11k… the Quattro Woods check off so many of the wants and likes that these could be the next speakers to sit happily in my system... on a permanent basis. Of course $11k is not chump change and even at a respectable accommodation, they are not anything I could jump at without making some serious adjustments to my spending patterns… but every time I sat down to listen to ANYTHING, the overall engagement, fun, music, bliss, whatever I could think of … or not think of… swept over me. The Quatros are that good. No make that silly good!

So what makes them so special? Other than how they play the music here—and I mean any music I tossed their way—is that they are really a somewhat full-range speaker sitting atop full-range subwoofer. And that is a subwoofer that is designed for, and allows for, complete integration with the room and upstream amplification. No muss, no fuss. The controls allow one to fix, to a great degree ……….

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Thank you. Neil McCauley / Editor in chief