VANDERSTEEN: Quatro Wood loudspeaker – test review

Wes Philips (Stereophile):

Richard Vandersteen was in good form at the 20th-anniversary seminar held by retailer Advanced Audio on November 11, 2006. When asked about his priorities in loudspeaker design, he sat erect in the seat next to me and thundered, "I will not [slams table with open hand] spend one red cent on cosmetics that I could have put into improving the sound of a loudspeaker!"

On one hand, I wasn't shocked. Vandersteen has long been known for his iconoclastic opinions on audio design —views that have led him to wrap his speakers in plain-looking "socks" rather than in exotic veneers. "I just don't think people have a clue what sonic price they are paying for having that acoustically reflective wood next to the drivers," he told me.

On the other hand, hadn't he just sent me a pair of his Quatro loudspeakers that were —how should I put this —clad in veneer?

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