VANDERSTEEN: Is Ayre really up to the task?

Model Seven Mk II_Grille-On

I have Vandersteen 2CE Signatures (new model) that I really do like and work very well in my 8 sided, acoustically correct room. I am using an Ayre AX7E, Ayre QB-9 non DSD version, Mac Mini, Amarra, Verastarr Power cords and interconnect. Has anyone used any other hi quality integrated as I believe that this amps is a bit underpowered, looking for more control, detail, etc. I have very little experience with Vandersteen. The new Ayre AX-5 is three times the price of the AX-7E, is it really worth three times the performance? I am willing to go to tubes if necessary and prefer integrated amps, Thanks 

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