MERIDIAN: The 508 – is grease on the transport the problem?

Well I purchased a 508 second hand about 8 months ago, to replace one that I sold some years ago and sorely missed. So I took a risk and all was fine until about 4 weeks ago and then it miss-tracked suddenly, this started to occur on certain older disks. The problem is a known issue with 508's, so panic set in but I came across Chris in my search for help, an ex Meridian engineer who has set up business doing repairs.

He replied to my forum contact very quickly and after a discussion over the phone he thought it was the grease on the transport issue. So he arranged collection, ordered a replacement transport in case and and turned around the repair in less than a week, and I have a spare new transport in case it is needed in the future. Since connecting back up it has not miss-tracked and is performing beautifully.

I have had several discussions with Chris over the past 2 weeks about various Meridian gear and the best way for me to upgrade my system, he has been extremely helpful and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a repair or help with Meridian gear.

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