Quad 34 pre – advice on older versions with brown/khaki livery

I have a hankering after a Quad 34 that would match the cosmetics of a Quad 303 that I already have.

From reading the various threads on the forum there seems to be a divergence of opinion on the quality of the 34 unit though generally a recommendation to go for the later grey models with phono inputs/outputs.

As this is for second system, I am not fussed about ultimate fidelity and I would prefer a unit that matches the 303. I will therefore look for a unit that is ideally in v good cosmetic condition (and preferably seviced by Quad or a known provider). That said, I think I have seen references to very early 34's being poor on their CD inputs or suffering board damage from troublesome components.

I would be grateful for any advice on what to look for in terms of serial numbers or other indicators of better versus worse examples.

As I mentioned above, absolute fidelity isn't a priority. I have an EAR 912 in the main system and am selling a couple of other preamps which would also be likely superior to the 34. Of course I would be interested if anyone has a suitable early version for sale. (The current one in the classifieds looks v nice but it's the wrong livery for me).

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